Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Neptune's Fountain says spring is here.

I walk past the Library of Congress to and from work everyday, and since I moved out here back in January, the fountain in front of the library has remained dormant. Even around Easter time when the water began springing forth from the majority of fountains throughout the district, the Library of Congress fountain stayed dry.

That was until one bright and cheery morning in April. Victory was mine! The fountain was flowing and to me it signified the beginning of spring. The last fountain to bubble forth water was finally bubbling with glee.

I see a lot of fountains in DC, and I thought it would be cool if I took pictures and then gave you all a little background of them. Sort of a way for me to show you the city.

So here’s a blurb on the Library of Congress Fountain found on the loc.gov website:

The Neptune Fountain is a lavishly ornamental fountain created by sculptor Roland Hinton Perry. It represents a scene in the court of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The muscular and majestic Neptune, with his long flowing beard, is seated on a bank of rocks. The figure is of colossal size, and on each side of Neptune lolls a figure of Triton, one of the minor sea gods, blowing a conch shell to summon water deities to Neptune’s throne. Sea nymphs, sea horses, sea monsters, gigantic frogs, and huge turtles are part of this extraordinary and splendid grotto of the sea.

The Neptune Fountain is quite the draw for tourists in DC, especially pre-pubescent boys oogling over the naked water nymphs. But to me, it's a constant reminder that nothing but glorious summer days are ahead!

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